Marine Community Ecology

and Climate Change


    Our research team includes researches and students from the ‘Universidad de La Laguna’ in Tenerife, Canary Islands. We want to share our research with the scientific community, environmental managers and the general public, as well as encourage researchers and prospective students to approach us to collaborate in our ongoing research. Throughout this web site you will get to know us better, and become familiar with our current research lines and our previous published studies. Within this web site you will find useful information about our field sites throughout the Canary Islands and its marine biodiversity whether you are interested in collaborating with us or just curious.

    In the blog section you will find out news about our most recent research topics, on-going ideas, a forum for discussion relating to environmental / ecological issues, etc... We believe that this web will help put colleagues from everywhere in contact, share ideas and collaborate.

    Our young research team focuses their efforts to know what marine species live in the Macaronesian Archipelagos and how they relate between each others and with the environment around them. Our final goal is to understand and protect what benefice our perdurability on Earth.